Arturo Benedetto Giovanni Giuseppe Pietro Arcangelo Alfredo Cartoffoli da Milano is the mad Italian driver of a Lancia coupe in The Calculus Affair who eagerly helps Tintin and Captain Haddock chase the Syldavian agents who kidnapped Professor Calculus. He has great pride in Italian cars and drivers.

While chasing the kidnappers, he speeds through a village on market day, which causes great destruction and chaos. Cartoffoli is stopped by a French gendarme who demands his name; flabbergasted by name's length, the gendarme dismisses Cartoffoli: "Don't do it again...."

When they eventually stop the Syldavians' Chrysler car they fail to find Calculus hidden in a secret compartment. Cartoffoli then accuses Tintin and the Captain of making up the kidnapping story in order to get a free ride.


In English, Cartoffoli's name would be something like "Arthur Benedict John Joseph Peter Archangel Alfred Cartoffoli of Milan". His surname Cartoffoli might be a play on the German word for a potato, Kartoffel. Cartoffoli might be a play on the French word "folie", meaning insanity or craziness. Hence, "Crazy-cart".