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Captain Archibald Haddock (Capitaine Archibald Haddock) is one of the main characters of the Adventures of Tintin comics. Captain Haddok goes on many adventures with Tintin.

Archibald's personality is described as not too bright; His alcoholism and temperamental nature, characterize him as weak and unstable, at times posing as great a hazard to Tintin as the villains of the piece. He is also short-tempered, given to emotional and expletive-ridden outbursts, and capable of infuriating behavior; at one point in the album he even attacks Tintin when, traversing the Moroccan desert, Haddock has the sun-induced delusion that Tintin is a bottle of champagne and tries desperately to pull his head off.

Despite his unlawful nature, he is best freinds with Tintin as the story progresses and tries to avoid his violent nature.

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Did You Know...

...That Hergé was a meticulous researcher who made extensive preparations for the Tintin adventures. 'The Shooting Star' for example, featured beautifully drawn frames showing the night sky with all the stars in the their correct positions for the time over Brussels.

...That 'Hergé' was derived from the French pronunciation of Georges Remi's initials reversed.

...Thomson and Thompson, called "Dupond et Dupont" in French, may be seen in the background of the opening scene of "Tintin in the Congo", but definitely start their roles in "Cigars of the Pharaoh".

...Hergé's first girlfriend was named Milou. This gave him the inspiration to call Tintin's pet Milou as well, which is translated in English with Snowy.


Tintin Wiki has just received the following press release from Paramount Pictures and Sony Pictures Entertainment, who announced their release plans for the long awaited 3-D motion capture feature film The Secret of the Unicorn (film)|The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn ]] directed by Steven Spielberg, produced by Spielberg, Peter Jackson, and Kathleen Kennedy.

The highly anticipated film will be released by Paramount in the U.S. on December 23, 2011. The film will launch internationally in late October and early November, 2011 with Sony Pictures Releasing International handling Continental Europe, Eastern Europe, Latin America, and India, and Paramount distributing the film in Asia, Australia, UK and all other English speaking territories.

Starring Jamie Bell as Tintin, the intrepid young reporter whose relentless pursuit of a good story thrusts him into a world of high adventure, and Daniel Craig as the nefarious Red Rackham, the international cast also includes Andy Serkis, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Gad Elmaleh, Toby Jones and Mackenzie Crook.

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